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General Industry

A very important segment of our business is the General Industrial Applications. The range of products for these applications is very comprehensive and can cover basi-cally all different areas that can be found.
In order to offer our competence and products for a wider market, we have increased our focus on the segment of General Industry.

We have often used the offshore applications as the reference field as it is a tough environment. The products and concept can of course be adapted to fulfil a wide range of other applications and specifications.
Actual examples are different type of cranes where DINITROL 4010 and DINITROL Penetrant LT are used at new production and DINITROL ML and DINITROL 3654-1 on objects that have been in service for a number of years. Another interesting area is steel chimneys where DINITROL 4010 is a suitable product. Ship deck applications with DINITROL 443 and DINITROL 444 and ballast tank applications with DINITROL 4941 T are other examples.

We have on top of the wide range of products also a large experience and expertise in these segments.
Our support is always available and the know-how in these applications is as important as the product quality.

In the industrial segment the applications often are complicated and more or less unique. Our target and task in this is to support and find the best application system for every special request.
In order to do so we are prepared to take on all different specific customer requests, confident to find the best solution.

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