About Us

Over 70 years ago, our innovative products set the standards for corrosion protection.
Since then we have worked tirelessly on the high quality of our products in order to improve
the achieved level again and again. Today, DINOL GmbH is a subsidiary of the WÜRTH Group, and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of corrosion protection materials, adhesives, sealants, putties, sprayable noise protection materials, and the corresponding application systems.

Protecting, bonding, sealing, repairing: We are constantly refining our products, always with a view to our customers’ specific needs and a strong focus on environmental friendliness. Public mobility, transportation, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial systems, Caravans, boats, or passenger vehicles: We are at home in the workshops of the world, and our job is to help prevent downtime and improve longevity. Experience, flexibility, and an unrelenting drive to improve are the traits that define us. We want to help you protect your treasured possessions.

The Quality Solution


We believe in taking responsibility. Our planet is our only home, and we feel it deserves protection. Consequently, one of our top priorities is to continue making our products more environmentally friendly. This process begins in manufacturing, where we try to conserve as many resources as possible. We will never stop focusing our innovative energy on creating even better, lower-emission products.