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We are at home in the automotive workshops of the world. That’s how we know that there is no alternative to true quality. Protecting, bonding, sealing, repairing: Our DINITROL product range offers specialized solutions for nearly every need. Because we know exactly what’s required to make mobility safer – now and in the future – and to protect values.

Transportation and industry

When it comes to public mobility, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, and industrial systems, preventing downtime is key. We have developed the ideal solutions for exactly this purpose. Our DINITROL products can prevent rust, wear, and other damages and help to reduce downtimes.

Caravans and boats

Every industry faces special challenges, and the extensive RV and boats market is no exception. With our DEKALIN brand, we are the leading supplier of adhesive and sealant systems in this segment. Our products always meet the special quality and usage requirements that this field demands.